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Davis + Henderson has been meeting the needs of the Canadian financial services industry since 1875. A trusted partner to Canada's major financial institutions, Davis + Henderson is widely known as the country's pre-eminent provider of cheque supply programs. Financial institutions offer our products and programs - including personal cheques, cheques for small business, and deposit products - to their more than 20 million individual account holders and 2 million small business account holders across the country. To view the complete lineup of manual and computer cheques, visit the Davis + Henderson corporate website.

Today, Davis + Henderson's products, services and customer base extends far beyond cheques - encompassing transaction processing for lending and mortgage service providers, and assistance programs for consumers and business.

Davis + Henderson introduced BizAssist™ in 2006 to provide businesses with exceptional ongoing support, and to help them deal with the challenges and opportunities that can arise during the course of a day. In 2008, the scope of services available through BizAssist has expanded significantly to include an online community and marketplace for small business owners, start-ups and the self-employed. Our vision is to provide the small business community with a comprehensive support structure similar to that enjoyed by large corporations.

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